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Reklamné jednotky každého nášho partnera prebehnú odbornou analýzou s cieľom zefektívniť a zoptimalizovať konverziu v našom systéme na maximum.

Our expert analysis will perform partner's ad units to maximize and optimize conversion in our system.

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Due to the financial motivation of our members, we try to increase conversions of our partners' ad units to meet both sides expectations.

Earning system for members

We're trying to apply a proven ad model that will lead to total satisfaction of both buyers and sellers at the same time.


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Our productivity & sales are up! Customers are happy & we couldn't be happier with this product!

CEO Zac Zac Slither
CEO of ACME company

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Perfect system for people which have few minutes extra time per day and want earn some extra money :). I'm happy ...

Kristínka B.
on maternity leave

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