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   ADV parent company. solutions was established in 1982 in the United States of America with the sole aim of bringing customers' businesses through a modern, expanded tool - the Internet.

              The American market has begun to be served by company websites, but everyone has encountered one problem, and that is why they were aware of their products. Once you have not advertised in newspapers or banners on the road as if you did not exist.
              This led us to create the first online advertising system that worked successfully until 2011. In this period, however, internet advertising was so widespread that people began to get nervous and ignored, or even tried to remove it from the web Ad-Blocker).

              We've often received feedback from partners that this form of advertising is dying that people are no longer interested in advertising and that they have built up a negative relationship, which has often led to a decline in company popularity.
              It was therefore necessary for our team to find a solution to this problem. We created the Advearn system, where nothing has changed for our partners, but a big change has occurred with the end customer just thanks to a financial reward for product viewing.

              This has resulted in people stopping advertising, as they have received a financial reward for viewing, and they have sometimes bought with our partners. But we've always been clear to us that we can not force our customers to buy. That's why we always guarantee that viewing ads and getting financial compensation is NOT conditional on buying!
              In recent years, our system has undergone many innovations and improvements. Its current form is a work that is beneficial for companies as well as for members of our Advearn system, who are rewarding them.


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